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I help game studios & developers establish an Immersive Sound that connects with Super Fans by composing Original Thematic Soundtracks

Fully Loopable. Dynamic Layers. Immersive thematic music.


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You are now developing a great game. Now let's make its music is IMMERSIVE and connects with your players IN A DEEPER level.

You thought about buying royalty free music

An easy way to get the music done, but it's only ok if your budget is super limited.

Most of the royalty-free music is to fill the silence and give a basic emotion.

You thought about making the music yourself

Let's face it. Even if I decided to develop a casual mobile game it would take me forever, and not only that: to make something great, it's required to have a ton of experience, time and resources.

Every piece of portfolio you hear sounds literally the same

No details on the soundtrack, no spark, imagination or unique sounds that evokes the game.

In the end:

You want your game sounding unique, congruent to the theme you're trying to express and memorable so the long-term players return.

Hi, I'm Lufus 👋

For about five years ago, I've been making thematic music for games.

I've experienced game devs & directors wanting a super defined idea for the music, but then NEEDING something totally different and unique.

A great example of this is GOGOGO! The Game.

When Rob (dev & director of Studio Saurus) mentioned me about the musical references he had for the game. He sent me a jazzy Mario Kart 8 track.

I did something similar, yet unique to his game... The result? it wasn't what he wanted.

❌ Of course, he wasn't 100% sure how the music of the game will sound, so we started digging deeper.

✔️ I decided to take the sound effects from the little characters of his game, record my own voice and whistle, and make something much more THEMATIC so the players can emerge themselves more easily in the game.

⭐ After the release, GoGoGo! was featured on Apple's "Game of The Day", and since then gained a thousands of fans and support form the public.

This is the result:

Here are some recent OSTs I made:

From Pixel Art games to AAA.

Project Screwed - 2023 (PC)

Work together with your friends in this stressful 4-player couch co-op game as you defend against hordes of enemies trying to destroy your base.

The Chant - 2022 (PlayStation 5, Xbox, PC)

The Chant is a single-player, third person horror action-adventure game set on a remote spiritual island retreat. To survive you must craft, fight, and escape the psychedelic horrors set loose when a ritual goes wrong and awakens a dimension of cosmic terror.

Supremacy - 2022 (PC)

Supremacy is a revolutionary sustainable metaverse game, where AI-controlled War Machines destroy each other in a 24/7 Battle Arena.

Zen Fighters - 2022 (PC, VR)

Zen Fighters is an innovative P2E vSports game with intense and competitive 1v1 battles and tournaments.

Parchisi Star Online - 2021 (Mobile)

Parchisi STAR is an online multiplayer version of popular classic board game Parchis. Parchis board game is a popular in Spain as Parchis and known by different name in other countries. It is a board game of the Cross and Circle family. It is an adaptation of the Indian game Pachisi or Parchis or Ludo or Parchis Online.

GoGoGo! - 2020 (Mobile)

Gogogo! is a head-to-head, tournament-style party game for 3 to 16 players. There's a completely different challenge every round! There are memory challenges, reaction challenges, creative challenges, physical challenges and more. This is a chance to test your natural ability against your friends and family!

Smashy Drift - 2018 (Mobile)

SMASHY DRIFT is an endless drift racing game.

Pixel Car Racer - 2017 (Mobile)

Pixel Car Racer, a retro style designed drag racing app with a modern engine for iOS and Android. Customization and tuning are endless

Project Highlight

My most recent collaboration was part of a PlayStation 5 game

What Other Clients Are Saying

"I was really pleased with the end result, and the fact that we were able to collaborate easily despite the distance and with me providing limited reference at the time.

If you have a music need, definitely check Luis out!"

— Shawn Lord, Creative Director

"Lufus is by far the best in the industry.

For any kind of audio needs I know I can count on Luis to go above and beyond with his true musical passions 🙏"

— Mark Metry, Founder

"It's been a pleasure working with Luis.

He is very talented and always delivers something brilliant.

I plan to hire him again."

— Braxton H, Founder, Developer

How Does It Work?

We collaborate in 3 easy steps 👉

Step 1: Discovery 👋

First, we go into the "discovery phase". What music do your game needs? Do you have any reference soundtrack or song?

Step 2: Production 🎧

I create your Original Soundtrack based in your input until it's finished.

Step 3: Delivering 🤝

Finally the OST is saved in the cloud and I share it with you so you can access to it at any time.

Let's collaborate

If you like some of my work and you need an Original Thematic Soundtrack, let's talk