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About Lufus

Luis Quintero, also known as Lufus and Bitonal Landscape, is a Music Producer, composer and Mixing and Mastering Engineer.


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About Soundtrack Packs

The problem with Royalty Free Music sites is that:

  • They’re not made specifically for games
  • A single track in Audio Jungle can cost up to $49 to use in a game, while with soundtrack packs you have multiple songs for even less than half the price
  • You often need to license multiple songs and that means to spend more money and time searching for fits

With Soundtrack Packs, we make sure you:

  • Have a series of songs made for a specific Subject, Game Genre or Context. For example, EDM Gaming, which contains a series of songs to be used in Rhythm, Racing and fighting games.
  • Get multiple songs for a great price
  • Use the music in as many Game Development projects you wish