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Music for Video Games

Give life to the world and characters of your game with Original Soundtracks

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Characters, environments, stories, Ideas…

Every game transmits an idea.

Sometimes it’s fun,

Sometimes it’s serious,

But all of this stories, need to be accompanied with great original music.

I’ve created music for games that have reached over…


to games featured on the Apple App Store's "Game of the Day" Section.

There’s no doubt that, weather we like it or not, music plays a huge role in video games.

I’ve made music for games & gamers and reached over 1.5 Million+ Spotify & YouTube Streams, without counting the 300K+ SoundCloud plays.

Some of this games and music I’ve made for them, has been used and played by YouTubers with over 3 Million Subscribers, like BeckBroJack, BlackPanthaa and more.

Characters, Stories, Environments and Ideas are important in a game, and having someone that is sensible to this stories, character personalities or even environments and worlds, is key for a successful video game.

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These studios hired me to create the Original Soundtrack for their games

From games featured in Apple "Game of the day" to games with over 50 Million+ Installs

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    Your Original Soundtrack Includes:

  • Unlimited Duration: you don’t pay for minute, that’s confusing. You pay for full duration of the soundtrack, and you’ll not pay any extra fees to extend it if you need it.

  • Unlimited Rights: It doesn’t matter if your game becomes the next Angry Bird, you don’t need to pay extra to maintain the soundtrack in your game, no matter how big or viral it gets, you’ll get the rights to use it in your game and in everything related to your game.

  • Unlimited Usage: You can use the music for your game anywhere, everywhere. If you plan to do a Japanese version of your game, you can use the music. If you want to make advertisements of your game, you can use the music.

  • Free Bonus: Extended Versions: If you’re creating a game and you only need 1 minute of composition, but 5 minutes in loop, I’ll make sure to extend it for you to any extra minutes you need and make it loopable.

  • Mixing: your original sounctrack will be delivered fully professionally mixied. 

  • Mastering: Your Original Soundtrack will be delivered fully mastered for iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and optimized for games

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How it works

If you have been creating games for a considerable amount of time,

You probably had read the sentence that many Composers tell you when you need music: "I charge xyz per minute".

Which usually pre-imposes that if you need a longer audio or loop of the song, you need to pay more for adding extra seconds to your original soundtrack.

That times are now gone.

When you're working with me, I will not charge you any extra fees for any extra minutes.

Only per original track.

Only per theme.

Only per song.

Meaning that, if you need the original song to be 3 minutes long in order to feel natural for some reason, that's what you'll got, without any extra minute fee.

The Process:

1 - Discovery Stage:

Via email, zoom or social media messages, I’ll ask you what your game is about, if you have any reference music for the original soundtrack, and how many themes do you want, one? more than one? After discovering what you and your game needs, you pay 50% in advance to start the Original Soundtrack production and then, we move forward to the…

2 - Review Stage

We’ll review the music you paid for: Is it a good fit in the first listen? Does it required some little changes? After you accept that the song is a great fit for the game, we’ll move forward to the…

3 - Final Delivery Stage

I’ll send you the final definitive version of the Original Soundtrack for your game, including: an Extended Version Loop, Full Mastered for iTunes, Spotify and Optimized Sound for Consoles and/or Mobile Devices.

What People are saying

“Lufus is the perfect embodiment of why hardwork supercedes talent and luck every time"

Akash Thakkar

Hyper Light Drifter’s Sound Designer.

“Lufus music is incredible, I use it in my videos every time. awesome music!”

Beck Bro Jack

1.2M+ YouTube Gaming Subscribers

"I really love the result of the soundtrack Lufus created for me. I'm absolutely looking forward to working with Lufus more.

Shawn Lord

Founder of ALovingRobot


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About Lufus

Luis Quintero, popularly known as Lufus and formerly known as Bitonal Landscape, is a Music Producer, composer, audio engineer and Sound Designer.

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As soon as you contact me, we'll discuss your game story, what music references or ideas you have for the soundtrack and start making it

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