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Get your songs fully mixed and mastered

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It's not your home studio

No, it's not.

And neither you need $2000 usd microphone.

It doesn't have to be complicated.

And neither you have to learn for 10 years how to mix and master tracks with expensive gear and plugins, or to spend hours doing it yourself.

For the past 10 years,

I've spend my life producing, composing, Mixing and Mastering music for my fans.

Now, I'm widely known as Bitonal Landscape and have over 480K+ Spotify Streams.

With this fan base and streams, there's no DOUBT that the music has to be good.

And not only good, but great.

This means that EVERY aspect of the music is great, from composition to Mixing and Mastering.

A good song with great lyrics but bad mixing will be unappreciated.

A good song with great melodies and ideas but with bad mixing will be forgettable.

Mixing and Mastering is the art of getting your song sound as great as possible,

Utilizing modern tools and techniques to make it sound how you have it in your mind, and even better.

The truth is...

If you already have some time releasing music, you are probably very good at writing songs...

But not everybody likes mixing and mastering, or music production.

Because of course, it's not that simple, and it takes time.

Thankfully, I'm here to help.

 From Vocal Editing to final mastered files, I'm here to help you make HITS and ATHEMS, that will prevail forever in your fans hearts and minds.

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I helped this artists reach a greater potential

From Upcoming rap artists to singers with over 20K+ Spotify Streams

This are my Original Songs,

Some of them have over 10K, some of them have been featured in other music channels:

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How it works

1 - Discovery:

First, you send me the files of your new song (MP3 or WAV), a mixing reference track (how you want it to sound) and a description of what your expectations or ideas are.

2 - Feedback: 

I mix and master your song and we go into a feedback phase.

3 - Final Deliveries

I deliver your final derivable files. This can include STEMS (track outs), MP3 and WAV files.


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About Luis

Luis Quintero, popularly known as Lufus and Bitonal Landscape, is a Music Producer, composer and Mixing and Mastering engineer.

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As soon as you contact me, we'll discuss your game story, what music references or ideas you have for the soundtrack and start making it

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